Magic & Rocketry
The Secret Artist - Mab Graves

Video Work

Various videos

The Secret Artist - Mab Graves

Wrote and directed this feature on artist Mab Graves for her limited edition pencil set.

Alvin Drafting Tools

I directed this short showcasing all the weird and wonderful tools of drafting.

BE150 Battery Operated Eraser

Wrote, directed and hosted this fun look at a new product.

Alvin LED Lighting - Zuma

I directed this series of character shorts to promote a new line of LED lighting targeted toward artists.

Drafting Tools 101 - Learn How to Use French Curves

Wrote and created this series to give an introduction to architecture students.

Legacy Collection and In-Store Display

Directed and hosted this promotional video for Alvin & Co.

Alvin® Twist-Lock Telescoping Tube

Wrote, directed and hosted this product commerical.